Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | The Importance of Mentoring in Digital Innovation
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The Importance of Mentoring in Digital Innovation

Digital, Strategy, UX, Video, Web
About This Project

The Importance of Mentoring in Digital Innovation
Careers typically follow a linear path. Yet digital innovation is anything but linear. What if there were a Matrix-like way to download skills and experience quickly and effectively?

In this episode of the Digital Innovator Podcast, Ken and I discuss the importance of mentorship in the design field, building out and managing high-impact, multidisciplinary teams and creating a culture of growth.

Hosted by best-selling O’Reilly author and tech thought leader Ken Yarmosh, Digital Innovator is your place for insight into the world of digital, technology, apps, product strategy, tools, and more. As a Partner at Modus Create, Ken works with Global 1000 companies across the full digital lifecycle. Episodes include interviews and roundtable discussions with industry leaders, briefings on what you need to know now, and what’s coming next.