Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Mercedes-Benz Digital Transformation
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Mercedes-Benz Digital Transformation

Digital, Product, UX, Video, Web
About This Project

As a global training provider, Mercedes-Benz Global Training is responsible for the qualification and knowledge management of all Mercedes-Benz employees including HQ, technicians and dealerships. They strive use the most advanced digital learning methods and are constantly on the lookout for further innovative ways to provide optimum support for our colleagues in the dealerships.

For many years, Mercedes-Benz relied on a Flash-based system to serve the company’s international training needs. However, with advancements in technology and smart devices along with the shortcomings of Flash, they needed to quickly upgrade their systems and overall approach to learning.

I led the team the designed and developed the first video-based learning courses along with the platform that housed them. We led the charge that influenced and motivated Mercedes-Benz Learning & Performance to adopt this new digital transformation. The platform has since been adopted by all Mercedes-Benz corporate offices around the globe.

There are a ton more design artifacts and documentation around this initiative. If you’d like to know more contact me here.