Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | SoulCycle Design System Portal
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SoulCycle Design System Portal

Branding, Digital, Print, Strategy, UX, Web
About This Project

Designing a brand design system that works across both physical space and digital product is a difficult task— and that’s exactly what we set out to do.

SoulCycle was introduced to the world back in 2006 and invented the boutique fitness space. Since then much has changed both internally and across the fitness landscape. What hasn’t changed though is SoulCycle’s mission, which is to spread joy and wellness through fitness. SoulCycle moves people to move the world.

Alongside Caroline de Lasa (who is the absolute best person ever!) and with guidance from design agency Mrs. & Mr., we created a new brand campaign and digital design system that will introduce SoulCycle to new a new generation of folks well a and reinvigorate the passion of our long-time riders.

The Design by SoulCycle portal is how we onboard new designers to our brand system as well as to enable our dev teams to grab any of the code they need quickly and easily. It serves as both a visual guide and productivity resource.

Check out the design system here:

Please not you will not be able to access out code repositories.