Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | SoulCycle — SoulBeat Product Design
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SoulCycle — SoulBeat Product Design

Digital, Product, Strategy, UX, Web
About This Project

Introducing SoulBeat. As you ride, our exclusive, patent-pending tech tracks how you connect with the music—to create a post-ride recap delivered straight to your SoulCycle app.

Features include:

Beat Match measures how in sync you were with the rhythm—and to us, it’s the most important part of Soul.

“You Rode Home To” shows you the last song played in class before the stretch (a.k.a. your new anthem for the day).

Distance is calculated from your average power during class and the class duration. Our bikes are stationary—but if they moved, this is how far you would have traveled.

Power is based on both the resistance you add on your bike and your cadence. The more resistance you add and/or the faster you pedal, the more power you’ll generate.

Cadence is the rate at which you pedal. It’s driven by the playlist—from slow, Soulful moments to up-tempo climbs.

The best part? SoulBeat isn’t a scoreboard. It’s a celebration of the hard work you put in on the bike, and the progress you make over time.

Team credits to Anthony Loven, Ben Grohe and Derek McWilliams.


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