Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | MyLowes App — DIY Projects
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MyLowes App — DIY Projects

Branding, Digital, Product, Strategy, UX, Web
About This Project

MyLowes App DIY Projects Experience was designed to drive customer engagement and brand loyalty for Lowes Home Improvement.

Business Goals:
• Build community and increased customer engagement
• Enhance customer loyalty for Lowes’ product
• Create added value post-purchase

Product Goals:
• Empower consumers to see their shopping behaviors—
giving them control to use their own data in a way that benefits them.
• Build more personalized product and project recommendations
• Allow Lowes to become a holistic part of the custoer lifecycle

The Project:
My team and I immersed ourselves into the Lowes culture by spending 6 months at their Mooresville, NC headquarters. During this engagement, I led a team of user researchers and designers to conceptualize the what (to create), the why (it’s needed) and the how (to build it). Out of this research and design phase come the Lowes’s DIY Projects and Virtual Toolbox.