Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Lowe’s Experience + Future State Model
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Lowe’s Experience + Future State Model

Digital, eCommerce, Product, Strategy, UX, Web
About This Project

To empower Lowe’s core mission statement “Love Where they Live” we designed an experience model that ties customers goals for their home to services, projects and products to cultivate a larger then retail experience to help bridge the gap between what customers expect from the brand and what is currently being provided to them. As opposed to another bolt-on app, they needed a comprehensive strategy that embraces both customer needs and digital operations.

The Ask

To improve the overall customer experience, build the Lowe’s brand and meet business objectives through customer-driven design strategy.

The Solution

We built a dynamic ecosystem enriched with data from aggregated sources that can automate rich, personalized experiences Deliverables included Product Strategy, Behavioral UX, Journey Mapping, Visual Design, Content Strategy, Architectural Strategy, Data Modeling, Insights and Analytics, Engagement Automation

The Results

80% Home Profile Completion Percentage
8x Higher Engagement Rate
96% NPS Rating

Customer Feedback

“The site has everything you need to get a project done. Can’t get any better than that.”