Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Coca-Cola Midtown Red
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Coca-Cola Midtown Red

Branding, Digital, Strategy, UX, Web
About This Project

Developed a global beverage company’s first proximity marketing experience by combining beacon technology, a mobile application, and an Offer Management System.

Our client wanted to design and develop a mobile marketing pilot app to test a new intelligent equipment platform through proximity-based marketing in a real-world environment.

North Highland developed a mobile app for consumers, coordinated a merchant-based Offer Management System, and deployed hundreds of beacons in Atlanta to enhance the shopping experience through loyalty recognition delivered via a mobile app. The app moved from idea to app store in 5 weeks and has delivered more than 55,000 offers, driving new business to retail merchants. Over 670,000 beacon sightings around Midtown Atlanta have led to a better understanding of customer shopping patterns.

Credit to KC Wolff-Ingham for his work leading this project.