Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Merrill Lynch AES Experience
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Merrill Lynch AES Experience

Digital, Strategy, UX, Web
About This Project

Each year Merrill Lynch hosts 5-6 conferences called the Advanced Education Symposium (AES). These events take place all across the country, lasting 4 days, and are designed to be a learning and networking experience for Financial Advisors. Attendees are invited to learn about industry trends, Merrill Lynch tools, and best practices from other Advisors.


The Ask

This year Merrill Lynch wants to enhance the event experience digitally, as well as extend certain components to non-attendees, thus improving and extending the overall AES experience.


The Solution

Sparks Grove proposed to create a content delivery ecosystem. It consisted of a web-based hub to house static and streaming content from the event to support non-attendees and attendees who are not at a specific session or presentation, and an interactive wall at the event to provide an enhanced experience for attendees.