Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Mercedes-Benz – ‘This is Why’
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Mercedes-Benz – ‘This is Why’

Branding, Print, Strategy
About This Project

We were asked to design an in-store display to explain the results of an independent study about after-market car parts versus Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.


The Result.

Mercedes-Benz This is Why Campaign. We made the display 2-sided. One side showed a young girl in the backseat of a car with the headline ‘This is Why’. We were appealing to the customers’ emotions in order to get them to actually care about the analytical data featured on the other side. We used custom die-cut magnetics to wrap the display. Mercedes-Benz later when on to use this Campaign for other departments.

‘This is Why’ later became a much larger brand campaign encompassing all Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts communication.

Credit to Paul Taylor for video Art Direction.