Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Sharp Electronics Integrated Campaign
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Sharp Electronics Integrated Campaign

Branding, Digital, Print, Social Media, Strategy
About This Project

A majority of the Print and Broadcast development came from mcgarrybowen, Sharp’s agency of record at the time. When tasked to create print ads for small publications and signage for various events, we applied the Sharp Brand Standards where application — but many liberties were allowed in the creative for our managed social and interactive campaigns.

The most visible component of this campaign was the Martin Campbell directed commercial entitled ‘Not for the Faint of Heart’.We developed, managed and maintained social media content to support all other marketing communications.

Our team created and maintained the social media content calendar for all business divisions as well as the majority of the original content for all of Sharp’s social media communications between 2011 – 2013. This included developing, building and maintaining a variety of social media games, applications and contests.

We produced landing pages and social media outlets to market directly to consumers. We developed multiple campaigns intended to engage users and further build the Sharp brand. One of those campaigns was Pin-It, Tweet It, Win-It, where we asked users to Pin, Tweet and ultimately promote the brand with positive word-of-mouth.

Our interactive campaigns always connected back to social media in a relevant and exciting way. The Sharp CES Application allowed users that were present at the event to get a caricature drawn by one of our artists. They were then able to share their artwork on Facebook and Twitter along with a message from Sharp. The caricature backgrounds also included the Sharp and Aquos logos along with an unobtrusive brand message.

Trade show booths and outdoor signage were used to reinforce both the brand’s overarching message of ‘Big’ + ‘Exciting’ as well as to advertise applications and events.

Some of the outdoor work was even integrated into Sharp’s social media communication.

It is important to always try to tie in another medium whenever it’s possible and makes sense. These two QR Codes were for an application download and to enter a social media contest.

By working with strategic partners like Wal-Mart and Best Buy, we were able to come up with better ways to sell and promote the brand. Below is a custom application for Sharp’s Best Buy Achievers Program. Using the application, pictures could be taken, set to a custom background from the event, and shared with their social media friends and followers along with an unobtrusive brand message.

In order to track the results, we used Google Analytics for websites and landing page statistics and HootSuite for monitoring all social media activity.

*TV Spot by mcgarrybowen. Our work was in support of the “Not for the Faint of Heart” Campaign.