Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Graf Hunt Street Art Finder App
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Graf Hunt Street Art Finder App

Branding, Digital, Photography, Product, Strategy, UX
About This Project

Graf Hunt is a global street art discovery app used to guide you, in real time, to the hottest spots around. Simply use the map view to find the hottest spots nearby or browse popular and trending pieces. The app also allows you to learn about and collect spots as you visit them, share with friends and more.

Graf Hunt features includes:

  • Overview of artwork, both in map and list views
  • Views of related or nearby hotspots on a live map
  • Liking, checking in & sharing artwork and locations you’ve visited
  • Ability to collect artwork in private or public collections
  • Schedules, insider tips and discounts to upcoming shows & exhibits

Our community of street art hunters from around the world ensure high quality and up-to-date artwork along with descriptions about the creators, the pieces and any other insider information available.