Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Wells Fargo TPB – Future State Experience
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Wells Fargo TPB – Future State Experience

Branding, Business, Digital, UX / User Experience, Web
About This Project

Wells Fargo’s The Private Bank has recently completed an effort to better understand the purchase journey and motivations of prospective high net worth (HNW) customers, including how they leverage digital channels in evaluating potential wealth management firms and advisors. In an effort to accelerate engagement among high net worth prospects and clients through TPB’s digital experiences, WIM Digital Marketing seeks to identify and prioritize components of the digital experience that most align to the customer purchase journey through:

• Gaining a clear and comprehensive understanding of all digital touchpoints within the customer purchase journey
• Exploring and assessing potential features and capabilities available to innovate and transform the digital experience
• Prioritizing features and capabilities, and develop concepts illustrating capabilities in context
• High fidelity creative design concepts that bring together WIM transformation and insights from research

With parallel work underway to evolve the experience, WIM Digital Marketing is seeking management consulting support to rapidly deliver on the scope defined in this Statement of Work to develop a clear near-term implementation plan for TPB that leverages planned enhancements, influences the strategy, and identifies outstanding capabilities to ultimately deliver on the envisioned future state digital experience for TPB prospects and customers.