Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Lowe’s Omnichannel Strategy + Design
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Lowe’s Omnichannel Strategy + Design

Branding, Strategy, UX / User Experience
About This Project

Redesigned the omni-channel customer experience across web and retail for key points in the shopping experience.

A leading home improvement store needed to improve the buy online, and pick-up in-store customer experience to increase user adoption and achieve a higher level of both customer and employee satisfaction while reducing costs and improving revenue opportunities.

We started with in-depth customer immersion activities before identifying, mapping and prioritizing potential areas of improvement to test impact on overall customer experience. A subset of ideas was selected for potential pilot. Storyboards were created for each idea and tested directly with users via qualitative and quantitative testing methodologies. The results informed an end-to-end journey map of the new pick-up in-store experience which was put into pilot. To support the pilot, we developed new customer-facing collateral and an experience playbook.

The new service journey was piloted in eight stores over eight weeks, resulting in a customer satisfaction score of 97% (a lift of 44%), and a 90% promoter score.