Design Portfolio of Joseph Agresta | Comcast XFINITY XHOME — Concept
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Comcast XFINITY XHOME — Concept

Branding, Digital, Strategy, UX / User Experience, Web
About This Project

At its core, technology exists to enable people. We envisioned the Comcast XFINITY XHOME as a space where people can learn by immersing themselves into a world of XFINITY innovation. We invited the community to take a journey and follow the evolution of people overcoming challenges and improving their lives by adopting new behaviors and technologies.

The XHOME will featured all of XFINITY’s current and future product offerings in a real-world environment.

Key features included:
• XFINITY® Home Security
• Voice Controls
• Lighting & Thermostat Control
• Window and Door Sensors
• Outlet Controllers that work remotely
• Water Dectector Alerts
• Motion Sensors